Created in February 2004, “The Facebook” was a small social network for University students created by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. 10 months later, the website reached one million users.

Today, Facebook has nearly 1.7 billion users and counting – not including the user counts of the many companies Facebook has acquired, like WhatsApp and Instagram.

TechWyse created this infographic to share all 68 companies acquired by Facebook – the social media giant since August 2005.

Facebook’s IPO started out at $38 per share in May 2012 but grew to $98 per share in August 2015, so it’s no surprise Zuckerberg and his team have sought out some of the top social media and technology companies in the world to fall under Facebook’s umbrella.

Looking through the information can provide some insight into Facebook’s growth and it’s plans for the future. For example, Facebook’s $2 billion purchase of Oculus Virtual Reality in March 2014 might point to a future incorporation of virtual reality into the social media network.



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