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Hate it or love it, people have an infatuation with celebrity personalities. And for the fortunate few to reach that A-List status, with such fame comes insurmountable wealth. Conversely, it seems that the faster these celebs make their millions many are just as quick to lose it. Whether through their extravagant lifestyles, poor planning comes tax time or failed investments, each celebrity financial journey is as unique as the celeb behind the credit card.

Given this fascination with entertainment’s elite, we recently looked back at some of the most notable celebrities from the past several decades who have experienced some public, and not so public, financial blunders. Whether a slow decline due to multiple lavish
shopping trips, or large financial investments that seemingly turned afoul overnight, each of the following celebrities has experienced financial hardships in one way or another. The following infographic explores the most notorious financial fails of Holywood stars.

Celebrities-Who Squandered-Their-Financial-Fortunes-infographic

Source: http://www.communitytax.com/

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