When it goes to a revamped process Web Development of your site, a terrifying thought is what matters most and what influences of the SEO executed efforts. It is important to know how the web changes can affect your SEO scores negatively or positively. The very typical hesitation that everybody has been “Will my Ranking Go Down? The answer is Yes and No.”
Yes, because if the execution is mistaken, all your attempts for SEO may go down. At this circumstance, 301 redirections or the URL redirection from old to new URLs are to be mapped. All your individual page Meta Titles, Descriptions, and Content Structures should remain unchanged. Block robots.txt if it is necessary, redefine or create keywords strategy, plan the new site structure and redirections.

During the redesign, do take to look into meta tagging, site speed, image optimization, and mobile friendliness, etc. As a further consideration or the needful elements, do create analytics, install Google Web Master and monitor rankings. Do not panic, in the event that executed the web revamp process efficiently, all your good ranking will not go down, and the chances of ranking and accumulating the targeted traffic will be even higher.
In this way, whether, you had not done any SEO before or not, those are the factors when you consider SEO during the time spent your Website Redesign. If you had ever done Singapore SEO, you would notice how serious we handle the web revamp process as a web marketing agency.
Look at the Ultimate SEO Checklist infographic for every Website Redesign underneath to verify you will never miss a stage until the end of time. You won’t regret it.


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