Most of us stay more than an hour in total every day watching funny cat videos or listening to music videos on YouTube. Others, do business there and upload gigabytes of content to entertain the world. Not to forget those who comment and comment all day, arguing or just expressing their opinion. This infographic shows the amazing YouTube statistics for the period of 24 hours.

According to the YouTube infographic, for 24 hours 300k video uploads, 80k hours of video and 24 TB of data are uploaded. As for the uploads by category, most videos are added to the People & Blogs, Gaming and Film & Animation.

When it comes to the sacred number of views, the gaming and entertainment videos generate the most views. What is more, it is estimated that the average video size is 86 MB with an average length of 15 min. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of videos are in English.

The infographic provides information about the busiest and least busy upload times, most deleted and claimed categories and time spent on a category. Check out the full infographic below.



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