Whiskey is the drink of real men. And often, they get drunk because of it for real. There are three types of whiskey for “real men” – Manhattan, old-fashioned and straight whiskey, depending on the ice quantities and the add-ons. For the ladies who prefer that manly drink, the most widespread options are stiletto, kiss on the lips and bourbonella which are characterized by more add-ons and mixture with different juices or lighter spirits.

For the ones who like experimenting, there are adventurous options such as spicy meatball, forty creek Caesar and Irish bacon sout which leave you wonder if you drink whiskey as they have a lot of add-ons that to an extent change the traditional whiskey flavor. For the people who want to drink something stronger, especially young people, who like going out, there is Washington apple, Jack and coke and the destructive Irish car bomb which can wipe you out from the face of Earth. For gamblers, there is a whole separate section with devil went down to Georgia, social butterfly and socialite so if you happen to be in Vegas do not miss any of these options. No matter where you are, there is always a reason to have a glass of whiskey.


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