This infographic shows 15 high-paying careers you can get with no college education, by attending a trade school instead.

The corporate world in the U.S. is already too saturated and the competition is fierce. By choosing a different career path, you are not even trying to get in the corporate world and entering a free market that has a lot of demand.

The top 15 trade school jobs are:

1. Construction Manager
2. Aircraft Mechanic
3. Plumber
4. Electrician
5. Wind Turbine Technician
6. Brick Mason
7. Commercial Driver
8. Industrial Machinery Mechanic
9. CNC Machine Tool Programmer
10. Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic
11. HVAC Technician
12. Carpenter
13. Diesel Mechanic
14. Welder
15. Automotive Mechanic

We hope you consider your options well before making a decision.
Good luck!



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