As one of Asia’s biggest economic powerhouses, the tiny island-nation of Singapore punches above its weight in terms of economic might, which is readily apparent upon arrival at Changi Airport –widely considered to be the world’s finest. Hop onto one of the world’s efficient public transportation systems, directly from your airport terminal, and head to virtually anywhere in the country –arriving in no more than an hour. The speed and efficiency at which things operate in Singapore are astounding –and the amazement doesn’t end there.

Singapore boasts an ever-growing list of superlatives, which boosts its resume as not only an economic dragon but also as a legitimate travel destination. From the Gardens by the Bay, the world’s most illustrious –and expensive- botanical garden, to the Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest Ferris wheel, Singapore always seems to do one thing right: doing things right. Meticulously planned, carefully manicured, and well governed, Singapore is a safe, surprising, and stunning travel destination that will have you wanting more.

Here is a handy infographic, just to give you a taste, that will get you started with the basic information you’ll need to know before turning your travel dreams into travel reality.



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