The “How to make Olive Oil” Infographic is a detailed explanation of how Loam Ridges produces the highest quality olive oil. We have been refining and perfecting this method for over 100 years and still put the time, attention and detail we did back then into today’s productions. Our California farm fresh olive oil goes through multiple mixing and separating stages to ensure the highest quality.

Starting with the harvest, all olives are hand picked. From there they are crushed into a paste and malaxed to make sure the paste is uniform. After that step the paste goes through multiple decentering and cold filtering steps to separate the oil, water, and pomace. Even after this process there is still water in the mixture, so the remaining oil is run through a high-speed centrifuge to filter out and purify the remaining oil.

Finally, this pure, high quality oil is bottled and stored in a cool location to make sure every bottle is the farm to table pure California Olive Oil we love.


Source: http://www.loamridges.com/

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