The illicit usage of else’s Trademark or Service mark is considered Infringement. The first step is by writing written letters to the stop plagiarism; over and above it is dealt legally. A mark, which is not just identical but even with similarities causing confusion in the minds of customers, is a good enough reason to file case for infringement. In such situations, the trespasser are charged with a legal case leading to take subsequent action against them.

1. With the guidance from a legal authority, the owner of the Trademark prepares himself or herself to face the situation.

2. The trespassing business owner is sent a warning letter explaining the duplicity and copying.

3. If usage of the mark by the infringer still continues, the owner has all right to file a case against them for infringement.

4. The opponent will be expected to pay a huge sum as compensation for all the damage caused during the breach and as a punishment for the violation caused.



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