If you’ve ever wondered: “What are the more important leadership characteristics?” or “Which leadership qualities & traits should I be focusing on?” or “How can I become a better leader?” Then this infographic is the right one for you… The infographic highlights the 6 most important qualities of great leaders.

Being able to turn big ideas into executable plans while keeping your team on the track are crucial parts of leadership. You should act with humility by seeking out feedback and focusing on the needs of others. Understand and manage your emotions as well as the emotions of other people.

As far as integrity is included, having strong values, beliefs, ethics and character allows other to clearly identify with you. Furthermore, learn to appreciate the journey more than the destination and know how to face adversity with confidence. Finally, act with generosity and gratitude by influencing positive change in peoples’ lives.


Source: http://eliv8group.com/leadership-qualities-infographic/

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