Company culture is what gives a company life, and is pre-programmed in its DNA. A company’s values, vision, workflow, and attitudes all contribute to their culture. Strong company culture draws in the right type of employee and increases productivity, creativity, and a greater commitment to the company.

The following infographic illustrates 5 reasons it is essential to have a great company culture. It is estimated that happy workers are 12% more productive compared to unhappy workers. What is more, unhappy employees take 15 more sick days each year than the average worker.

Furthermore, the infographic shows 5 costs and benefits of investing in company culture. Companies that provide regular employee feedback have turnover rates 14.9% lower than for employees that receive no feedback.

In the next place, read about the top 5 companies and innovators of company culture. Finally, the infographic explores 5 steps to making your company culture great.



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