How do you optimize your websites value? What is the difference between a site worth $100,000 and $150,000? This infographic shows 4 key areas that impact the value of nearly every website, namely: risk mitigation, growth prospects, transferability, verifiability.

Understand why buyers are more sensitive to risk. Learn how to identify risk in your business using numerous simple techniques and good practices.

When it comes to growth prospects be careful not to confuse potential with growth prospects. The infographic will help you distinguish both providing their definitions. Leave the „low hanging fruit” for buyers which means that buyers do not like businesses that have no room to grow. Remember that your weaknesses can be opportunities for growth.

Furthermore, consider transferability and ask yourself if your business on day one and run the business without disruption. In the fourth place, keep track of data points within your company which simply means verifiability.


Source: https://www.quietlightbrokerage.com/resources/four-pillars-infographic/

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