Employee turnover is a huge problem and it affects every industry. Businesses are built around people and it takes a lot of time and money to find the right replacements when someone decides to continue his or her career elsewhere. To improve employee retention, business owners and managers have to work daily on improving company culture and enabling employees to grow and develop their skills within their company.

Employee retention is a big problem in just about every industry these days. In fact, some of the most recent data related to employee satisfaction and turnover trends are downright horrifying. Just take a look at these frightening facts in this infographic. Read some blood-curdling costs, the lack of engagement related data and petrifying pay demands.

In terms of the terrifying talent shortages, it is estimated that 38% of employers cannot find the right people to hire. Also, less than 10% of employers are hiring underqualified workers because they can’t find the right candidates.



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