Tremendous accomplishments have been won with Britain’s first community Energy Strategy unveiled last month. Decentralised Energy are continuing the momentum with an innovative infographic to make to what seems the only way out of fuel poverty as clear as day.

One the first of community energy infographics published by Decentralised Energy depicts the UK’s past, present, and potential future of the big 6 becoming the big 60,000. We are beginning to see a change in how we as a nation view energy management and the potential growth statistics are undeniable.

Did you know?

The big 6 suppliers are projected to increase their prices by 37% £32 billion per year is spent on heating in the UK Business in the UK have the potential to save £33 billion by 2030

Some incredible facts make you wonder if cities in Sweden can receive 95% of their domestic heat from energy provided by waste, solar and CHP, and Rising energy costs mean approximately 11% of all English Households in the UK are classed as ‘fuel poor’ exactly what are we waiting for?

With many more facts and figures see below decentralised energy 14 Forum infographic.



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