More than 2 million door supervisors and bouncers work in the industry as well as waitresses and bar stuff exposed to loud music and high levels of noise regularly. It is highly anticipated that they can damage their hearing in the long-term. According to research, more than 1 in 6 people in the UK suffer from hearing loss. So, after arthritis, the hearing loss comes second most common complaint of older adults. That is why the following infographic emphasizes on the importance of the problem and the prevention.

Looking at the infographic, you will find the safe length of time you should expose your ears to loud noise. For example, it is recommended to be exposed to a noise of drill at most 7.5 minutes. The perfect time limit for staying in a club with loud music is 3 hours.

Furthermore, the infographic describes six effects and signs of hearing loss. Among them are stress and depression, struggling to follow conversations and tinnitus. Check out the full infographic below.


Source: https://www.earpieceonline.co.uk/content/21-what-causes-hearing-loss

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