The theme of this infographic is focused on visualizing some informative data points from a study that was done for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. It calls out the top 3 risk factors that are likely to increase your chances of a motorcycle crash & 3 tips to help reduce your risk.

This data stems from a study involving 100 riders from age 21 to 79 in California, Arizona, Florida and Virginia. With five video cameras and data-logging equipment on their motorcycles, these riders were recorded for a total of 366,667 miles.

Prior to this, the most commonly cited U.S. study of motorcycle crashes is the one known as the Hurt report. Researchers at the University of Southern California, led by Harry Hurt, went to motorcycle crash scenes to determine the causes. Unfortunately, that report came out in 1981, when cell phones were non-existent and a powerful motorcycle made 90 horsepower.



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