With the rise in SVOD (subscription-video-on-demand) streaming services e.g. Netflix, Amazon, Amazon Prime, the internet has become increasingly important in the way that consumers now watch television. The following infographic examines to what extent the rise of SVOD is killing traditional TV.

According to the infographic, online TV and video services are forecast to generate $43 billion in global revenues by 2020. Today, people estimate that they spend 2 hours a week. Furthermore, the infographic illustrates a comparison between traditional or linear TV. Linear TV still remains strong but is linked to age. On the other hand, SVOD services allow viewers to stream the programming that they want from anywhere they are in the world, over the internet.

The infographic also introduces the consumer behaviour, SVOD compared to non-SVOD. It is estimated 87% of SVOD users binge at least once a week vs. 74% of non-SVOD users.



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