Writing the best cause and effect essay is the dream of every student.

In order to write a nice essay, the student should know the structure and how to write various sections. The cause and effect essay infographic illustrates the process that should be followed.

1. The first step is to understand the question by reading the prompt provided by the instructor.

2. Thinking about the nature of the question helps the student to internalize the problem at hand.

3. Understanding the topic will help the student to understand the question and what they are supposed to do. The student should only proceed after understanding what is supposed to be done.

4. Researching the topic is important in providing additional information required in writing the cause and effect essay. Research may include reading the assigned text or using online tools like Google Scholar.

5. Knowing the outline of a cause and effect essay and the preferred structure is essential in planning the essay.

6. Creating a list of all causes and effects can really help the student to select the strongest points for the essay.

7. The introduction, the body and the conclusion should be written appropriately and then edited for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

8. Leaving the essay and revisiting it after a few hours can help in identifying new formatting, transitional and grammatical errors.

9. If there are no errors, the essay is ready for marking.



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