How do the top online video platforms like Facebook and YouTube stack up? More importantly, which platform is truly garnering the most views and highest social engagement — YouTube or Facebook? To answer these questions, the creators of this infographic decided to use a video tracking tool to track the music video for Adele’s notorious lead single “Hello”, which became the first song to sell over a million digital copies in a week. They tracked all copies of Hello over a period of 101 days, starting on its October 22nd release on YouTube. The following infographic showcases the amazing numbers of Adele’s single success.

The infographic explores both the percentage of total copies by platform and percentage of combined copies views by platform. Another great feature of the infographic is the stats provided regarding how copies moved by day by a network in the period of 101 days. The networks in question are Youtube, Facebook, Vine, Soundcloud, and Dailymotion.



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