For decades, food and drink have been a source of inspiration for band names. Music Critic has built a pyramid out 80 of these bands incorporated in the following infographic. The infographic shows how many bands named after food you can think of.

Just beware – a hefty 21 of these bands fall right where the USDA Food Pyramid recommends the most moderation: Sweets, fats, and oils. You could never accuse Rock Stars of wanting to follow all the rules.

Among the foods are vegetables, fruit, meat & fish, dairy and bread along with past and grains. The music bands that are named after foods mentioned in this infographic are The Honey Brothers, Sugarloaf, Neutral Milk Hotel, Black Eyed Peas, Meat Puppets, Meatloaf, Sugar Ray.

You will be surprised how many famous music bands are named after some of your favourite food.



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