In the last ten years, we witnessed significant development and improvement when it comes to mobile phones. More and more fancy features are now available for the smartphone users but there this is not the case with batteries. Unfortunately, the batteries of mobile phones still are not advanced enough to last longer. Therefore, we should be creative, and the following infographic provides numerous useful tips how to make your smartphone battery to last longer.

You should know that the larger the screen, the more battery consumes. It is advisable to disable the „auto brightness mode” and set the screen to the lowest level possible.

As we mentioned the fancy features, it is proven that we do not use a lot of them. Hence, turning off unnecessary features such as gestures and auto rotate should decrease the power consumption of your phone.

Surprisingly, using vibration for call notification uses a lot of energy. It is recommended to use ringtone mode for call notifications. Want more tips? Check out the full list in the infographic below.



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