The news has been abuzz with updates and debates surrounding Obamacare. However, many of these discussions seem oddly familiar to many of our older citizens. Surprisingly, Social Security and Medicare both faced strict opposition in their fledgling days.

Now, however, they are some of the most popular programs around. Top Masters in Healthcare has created an infographic entitled “Is History Repeating itself with Obamacare?” detailing how each of these programs faced similar nay-sayers, and came out accepted and depended upon by many Americans. According to the infographic, each program had its share of major and minor complaints at the outset. For example, many minorities and women excluded from benefits.

What is more, many employers reported earnings without providing a worker’s name of Social Security Number. This infographic also provides information the resemblance between Social Security and Medicare and Obamacare. For instance, nearly 1 in 5 Americans who collect Social Security or related income. On the other hand, around 54 million Americans expected to be on Medicare in 2014.



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