Unfortunately, more than thousands of employees are affected by accidents at work every year in Ireland. There are many different hazards at the workplace so you should always be aware of them. Potential risks are everywhere. This infographic describes the statistics about accidents at work in EU and Ireland.

It is reported that in EU last year more than 5000 deaths occurred caused by accidents in the workplace. Thursday is the deadliest weekday. On the other hand, January is the safest month of the year.

When it comes to Ireland, the most common accidents are slips, trips and falls as well as lifting/manual handling and unsafe system of work. It is estimated that the vast majority of all major slips, trips and falls result in broken bones. As for the most common injures at work in Ireland among them are back injury, neck injury and repetitive strain injury.

The following infographic also outlines the health and safety authority findings in 2014. More interesting statistics regarding accidents at work in the infographic below.



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