The 17th of March is the annual celebration of St. Patrick, Ireland’s Patron Saint. For a small island with less than 5 million inhabitants, the day certainly leaves its mark with St. Patrick’s Day being celebrated by the Irish diaspora and Irish Communities across the world. This infographic shows howt the Irish took over the world wheb no on was looking.

Looking into the St.Patrick history, St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. He was born before the end of Roman Rule in Britain in 400AD. He had another dream of the Angel carrying letters. One letter was titled the Voice of the Irish’ begging him to return to Ireland. The infographic covers the St.Patrick’s Day celebrations in Ireland and the rest of the world. It is a Public Holiday in the Republic and Northern Ireland. On the opposite, the New York City St.Patrick’s Day Parade began on March 17, 1762, 14 years before the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

What is more, the infographic below illustrates the Irish Diaspora and where they live. If you are not aware of the traditional Irish customs and culture, check out the full infographic.

St.Patrick Day


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