Of all the things in life that contribute to an accumulation of stress, a cluttered home is the last thing that anyone would assume as being a major culprit for the stress that we endure in life. However, statistics demonstrate that the whole thought of being surrounded by excess clutter can make us feel anxious, depressed and sad. In fact, some researchers from the Princeton Neuroscience Institute initially published a series of results from a study that they conducted back in January of 2011, that demonstrated the effects that clutter has on the mind. What they concluded was that, multiple visual stimulus which is present in the skull’s visual field at the same time, essentially compete for representation. Essentially, it impairs the brain’s ability to concentrate as well as to process information.

Therefore, if you yourself have a cluttered home and experience high levels of stress or feel as if you are not working as productively as you can, there’s a high chance that you can significantly alleviate your concerns by de-cluttering your home. In the following infographic are illustrated some interesting things to know about de-cluttering your home, in regards to how it can improve your mental well-being as well as some tips to consider when it comes to de-cluttering your home effectively.

How To De-clutter Your Home And How It Promotes Mental Well-Being


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