You-are- Spending-Too-Much-Time-on-Closing-Business-Deals-infographic-plaza-thumb

If you are still the old-fashioned paper, metal or plastic business card, you could be killing precious time, losing profitable connections, and getting a beating from your competition.

The infographic attached elaborates on the topic of closing business deals and how much time to invest in.

Almost 7 out 10 people trash the card without thinking much about it if not looking for your services immediately.

The more business information you exchange the more chances to attract business you create.

The infographic recommends not missing to make a lasting impression to attract ongoing business.

Choosing the best digital card app will helo you rdo more than to digitize the connections that matter to your growth.

You-are- Spending-Too-Much-Time-on-Closing-Business-Deals-infographic-plaza


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