This Infographic guides you to have efficient business meetings and save your money. Read how to arrange an effective business meeting in 8 easy steps.

Do you know some of the following facts:
• 31 hours per month are spent in unproductive meetings, with more than half of a middle manager’s day spent in meetings.
• $37 billion dollars or €33.6 billion euros (approximately) are lost every year due to unproductive meetings.
• 25 million meetings take place every day in the USA alone. This is double the number of meetings since 1999.

Then, the infographic provides 10 tips on hosting an effective business meeting. What is more, the evolution of meetings in terms of technology and trends is mentioned as well. Not only the leading innovation is shared but also focuses on virtual meetings. The virtual meeting using video conferencing/webinar software is an example of a real advancement in technology & the evolution of meetings.



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