It is confirmed that keeping your clients happy produces more sales than discounts or offers. Use these tricks to create a positive and happy environment that distinguish yourself from your competitors Do not forget your manners: “Please” and “thank you” will give a good impression to any person that may step into your office. The following infographic illustrates how colors affect purchases.
Remember everybody’s names: Mention the name at least twice during the conversation with your clients. Tell them they are special: Not only actions but also words are important. IF they listen to you saying that you really appreciate them, the day in which a person makes business with you will be much better.

Show them you are doing your best: Although you cannot do all the things they asked you for, just try doing it and showing how much you care about it.
Keep an honest smile: Smiling in a true way will always help you.
Give people anything they want: Having an argument with people is not productive. Check the situation and if possible give them whatever they want so as to turn a bad experience into a good one. Give away something small: It can be a discount, a book or a gift card. It is a good way to make your buyers happy. Surprise them: Do not follow a sale script as it is, but listen to what they tell you and offer them something unexpected at any time.
Do not forget about anyone: The relationship do not have to finish when the business contract is done, an email or a phone call to keep in touch is enough so as to let your clients know you really appreciate them as they are.
Finally, be good to your employees: They will follow your example. If you smile and you are happy, they will be the same and they will do the same to your clients.

“A smile is a universal greeting” Max Eastman Some interesting facts:
Happy people complete 37% more sales; they are 31% more productive and are 3 times more creative than the ones that are not.
A 20 minute-work out three times a week will increase your happiness between a 10% and a 20%. Happy people generally earn more money than the unhappy ones. Research shows that giving away money makes people happier than spending it.



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