Many homeowners have a backyard pool, but few take the time to appreciate how that oasis in the ground was built. If you’ve ever wondered how an in-ground swimming pool is constructed, take a moment to read over Sparkle Pools’ informative infographic – How a Backyard Swimming Pool is Built, which depicts the process in a step-by-step layout that is easy to read and comprehend.

When it comes to increasing the cost of your property in an upscale neighborhood, a backyard swimming pool can be great investment.

The infographic illustrates the initial process including planning, budget and getting a permit. Consequently, you should consider the variety of pool types such as gunite pool, vinyl-lined pool, fiberglass pool. Next, it comes the building the swimming pool. The construction process is illustrated in the infographic step-by-step.

Infographic by Sparkle Pools Chandler.



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