Diamonds are forever. And this is not only a title of James Bond movie. Nowadays, diamonds are among the most limited goods on the Planet. Therefore, their usual price is at least six figure. What is more, some diamonds are not only unbeliavably expensive but popular worldwide. So, this infographic showcases the world’s most famous diamonds. The infographic provides details for each of the famous precious stones.

First, the Cullinan diamond was the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever discovered. It was discovered in South Africa, and it had a white color. Next comes the Hope Diamond. It has a long recorded history with few gaps. It is interesting that the Hope diamond is notorious for supposedly being cursed. Another famous diamond is the Centenary diamond. Unfortunately, the current owner of the diamond is unknown.

Among the rest of the cited in the infographic famous diamonds are the Regent diamond, the Koh-i Nur diamond, and the Orlov diamond. Check out the full infographic below.



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