Spring is finally here, but it still might be too cold to start your garden. The Garden Hardiness Infographic helps you to know when it’s safe to plant your favorite backyard crop. Driven by the USDA’s list of hardiness zones based on climate, this list can help both beginner and expert gardeners.

What are hardiness zones? Hardiness zones were developed by the USDA to define 11 numerical climate zones and the ability of certain plants to grow within those zones. Seed packaging and plant labels indicate which zone your plant is most likely to thrive in, so identifying where you live is vital to the planning of your garden. This infographic shows when it is warm enough to plant certain vegetables such as lettuce, radishes, corn, carrots, etc. It also gives some useful hardiness zone tips.


Source: http://www.avantgardendecor.com/how-to/vegetable-gardening/gardening-hardiness-zones

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