Want to save more cash each month? Want to do your bit for the environment? Or maybe you just love modifying your car? Well you are going to love this! The infographic below shows a spectrum of vehicle modifications which you can make to your car or motorcycle to get more distance out of every ounce of fuel. More miles per galleon! Each modification is rated by the cost which will be required, the skill needed to carry out the change and the impact it will have on your fuel consumption.

The provided tips in the infographic imclude instrumentation, aerodynamic mods – deletions and fabrications, driveterain mods, wheel and tyre mods and other mods. Moreover, you will find information about the mechanical skills required, cost of mod and the effect of the mods.


Source: http://www.gbshowplates.co.uk/ultimate-guide-vehicle-mods-fuel-efficiency/

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