Your wedding day can be embellished very nicely by the rich choice of music for each part of the ceremony and reception. The different stages of the day provide ample opportunity to combine celebratory, up-tempo tunes with romantic, meaningful ballads, creating the perfect mix for your big day.

This wedding infographic describes what type of music would be appropriate for each part of the wedding day while also offering suggestions as to popular song choices. These vary between classic options like Pachelbel’s Canon, and contemporary music from artists such as Ed Sheeran and John Legend.

First, make the walk even more special with a soulful, meaningful musical backdrop. Then, during the signing of the register, it is expected that the music for this moment will be slow and melodic. What is more, the get useful ideas for the perfect music background for the Recessional and Cocktail hour.

As for the First Dance, it is highly recommended to be a love ballad or something more up-tempo. Read the full infographic below to prepare better for your wedding day.


Source: http://www.bespokediamonds.ie/ring_type/halo-vintage-diamond-rings/

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