Technical SEO refers to SEO strategy that is done to improve the technical aspects of a website, which includes loading speed, website design, URL structure, site architecture, internal links, fixing site coding errors, etc. By improving these technical aspects of your website, it will help in ranking relevant search queries and avoid being penalized by Google. Here’s an infographic illustrating 11 technical SEO tips to boost your site’s rankings.

The list includes having a mobile-friendly website, a XML sitemap, website speed, fixing errors along with enhancing internal linking. You should also use canonical URLs and keywords in your image ALT text. Think of obtaining a SSL ceritificate and fixing crawling errors in Google Search console.

11-Technical-SEO-Tips-to-Boost-Your-Sites-Rankings-infographic-plazaSource: http://www.jointviews.com/blog/technical-seo-tips/

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