Think you know everything there is to know about why chicken is good for you? Learn more about how chicken packs a powerful punch as a food and why you should consider eating it in this clever infographic by Perdue.

The infographic describes the advantages of chicken and how benefits your body and health. Being rich in protein, 3 oz. of chicken equals 8 medium shrimps and 4 hard-boiled eggs. As for the nutrients, chicken is full of niacin and vitamin B6. These support the immune system and aid in metabolism.

Furthermore, the fresh chicken fits within the paleo diet and also gluten free. Moreover, chicken contains an amino acid that can help to improve your mood. So, the chicken could be called „feel-good food” without any doubt.

When it comes to fat, chicken is the perfect lean and lovely food. According to the infographic, 3 oz. chicken includes only 2g fat while 3 oz. 90% lean ground beef consist of 11g fat. For more interesting nutrition facts about chicken read the full infographic below.



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