Many great companies have failed not due to immediate financial problems or lack of markets but due to damaged company culture. Of course, all companies want to have a secure, positive and supporting culture which would motivate employees to go the extra mile and to put more effort in their work. This is much easier said than done. Even more – it is hard enough to achieve this goal and even harder to maintain it.

In fact, once you realize that your company has damaged culture, it is normally too late. The key to deal with damaged culture is to prevent it. The infographic gives some signs how to detect damaged culture so that you can take the necessary measures. For example, I-can-do-it-all bosses who give orders to everyone and do not care about feedback, especially when they looks for a scapegoat to put the blame on. Working alone, without support from colleagues is also a sign of damaged culture. Hiding information and refusing to support and train colleagues are clear signs that the communication is bad and that influences very negatively your company culture.

Take a look around! Do you see any of these in your company? If yes – ACT!



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