Find out more about the term „click-through rate” (CTR) and what refers to. The figure of CTR is calculated by taking the number of clicks a link receives, divided by the numbers of times the link is shown.

The infographic shows graphics that explains the relation between SERP position and CTR. As you can see, the difference between position #1 and #10 is tremendous.

The infographic demonstrates how the SERP rankings can impact click-through-rates. This accompanying article explains why click-through-rate is an important metric to monitor. In order to assess your efforts in digital marketing CTR is vital metric to consider and keep eyo on.

The infographic also provides information how to calculate the CTR in terms of clicks and impressions. The exact formula is crucial for all marketing experts. Consider this brief information if you are interested in internet marketing and digital marketing.

This infographic was designed by Tom Black at Bootcamp Media.


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