3 Big Body Betrayals

If you’ve ever had food poisoning or run a marathon, you know sometimes your body can feel like the enemy. But the syndromes listed below are even more detrimental because they take the mind and body hostage with insidious abandon.

As a result, people with these disorders lose sight of their body’s real place in the world.

Killer Hands: Alien Hand Syndrome

Alien Hand Syndrome is sometimes called Dr. Strangelove Syndrome after the character Peter Sellers plays in the cult movie. Turns out the hand hijinx of Peter Seller’s character refers to this real disorder.

In the movie his hand performs a Nazi salute against his will for the sake of satire. And much like satire, it’s a strong parallel to true-life. In Alien Hand Syndrome cases, a patient’s errant hand has a will and command all its own. Sometimes the hand even tries to kill its owner, choking them or stuffing bones down their throat in documented cases.

This syndrome usually arises after a head injury or stroke that created a lesion in the brain. Many who suffer from this must tie the anarchic hand to their body, so that it can’t cause damage.

Unfortunately, no treatment has been found yet for this Jekyll and Hyde hand phenomenon. But scientists continue to study these strange cases of the enemy limb.


Source: https://www.gradschools.com/programs/counseling-psychology/unusual-psychological-conditions

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