If cyber security teams spend all of their time fighting individual pieces of malware that threaten their networks, cyber criminals are quietly laughing. Defending enterprise networks and sensitive data from advanced persistent threats (APTs) isn’t about picking malware threats apart – it is about hitting the attackers right where it hurts by preempting and understanding their every move.

The infographic below describes some of the most common strategies and tactics of attackers trying to compromise your network. Cyber criminals won’t rest until they have mapped out the network and pinpointed its vulnerabilities. It is estimated that 70% of attacks involve a secondary victim after the initial compromise.

As for the malware threats, trojans like Dyreza and Dridex steal user credentials for persistent attacks. According to the infographic, 70% to 90% of malware samples are unique to individual organizations.

Furthermore, using information on one machine, attackers use a methodical „”low and slow” method to explore the network until they have mapped it and found their prize.

Check out the full infographic to improve your knowledge how to protect your network and prevent your data from intruders.



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