Whenever we make our training plan unique all exercises are a blast for everyone. This infographic shows a bucket list of all astonishing and amusing themed races. Check out that you can do with just a cup of hot chocolate, shopping carts or even flesh-eating zombies. Despite it sounds very unpopular and different, do not worry. Among the mentioned wacky races are as follows: The Color Run, Boston Urban Idiotorama, The Blacklight Run, Mustache Dache, The Slime Run, etc.

First, the Color Run is a race with mild competitive level. Secondly, during the Boston Urban Idiotorama runners get up to six friends, find a shopping cart and stock up on about 3.5 miles. Another fun race is the Zombie Run where you can sign up as a zombie. After a professional makeup artist turns you into a zombie, you start chasing runners registered as humans.



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