Switching water sources in Flint resulted in toxic levels of lead and other contaminants, causing a public health crisis. This infographic details the sentinel events in chronological order that took place leading up to the tragedy that is the Flint Water Crisis.

On 16 April 2013, Flint joined a new water authority to save money. One year later, the city began using water from the Flint River until the pipeline from Lake Huron can be completed. After while Flint residents filed their first complaints about the new Flint, Michigan water.

Next, in the beginning of 2015 Flint announced that its water contained a high level of trihalomethanes that is a violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Later, state officials announced that data shows more children have lead in their blood since the water switch.

The events related to the so-called case „Flint Water Crisis“evolved in 2016. On 5 January 2016, the governor declared a state of emergency in Flint. Read the full infographic below to understand the chronology of events regarding the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis.


Source: http://www.buckfirelaw.com/library/flint-water-crisis-timeline.cfm

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