FCI interior is the leading interior design company, offering architectural planning and all other design solutions in London. You can always rely on us to provide you with space planning services, room design, and everything related to such. We combine a blend of adherence to the basic rules and principles of interior designing, like lighting, to complex technological advancements like 3D Visualization. This is the latest and most convenient tool that designers are using to give clients an idea of how your house will look after being designed.

You can thus experiment with the lighting, furniture, and generally the entire space of your home, and request any modifications if you so wish. We pride ourselves of having long experience helping numerous London home owners realize all their interior design and architectural plans at a budget cost. We have liaised with some of the leading furniture makers, and have stocked their brands. Contact us today for a free quotation of all our designer furniture.

FCI Interior

Source: https://www.design-interiors.co.uk/

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