One of the latest leadership trends in the companies these days is the ethical leadership. We could say that it is important to look at what kind of role leaders have in encouraging ethical demeanors in the workplace. But what is an ethical leader? This infographic answers many questions related to ethical leadership especially in the Middle East and North America.

Briefly, an ethical leader is both a moral person and moral manager. Among the represented virtues by a moral person is trust, honesty, integrity and caring about doing the right thing. Besides, a moral manager is a role model who does the right thing for the company. What is more, moral managers always prioritize the employees’ and company’s best interest.

According to the infographic, managers need to be fair to and motivate their employees. Good leaders are those who empathize with their subordinates and make ethical decisions. It is estimated that 67% of professionals say their managers prioritize ethics over profits.

The results of conducted research show that 65% of the respondents find all employees responsible for the ethics in business.



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