Being a student means you need to juggle school, classes, exams, social life, part-time jobs, PLUS figuring out what to eat! If this was not challenging by itself, through in a budget to the equation, a recipe for diet disaster! Sure it’s easy to buy frozen meals, or live off junk food, however, this will make you pay your toll over the years. With this infographic, you will find tips and tricks that will help you maintain a healthy diet on a college budget!

As stated in the infographic, some of the roadblocks to healthy eating while in college are busy schedule, no transportation to grocery stores or lack of fresh markets nearby. According to the infographic, students spend most of their money on order takeout and dining out.

So, the infographic provides several handy tips how to eat well and healthy and on a budget. Check out the full infographic below to read the list of healthy eating recommendations.



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