All eyes are on Sochi, as it gears up to host the 2014 winter Olympic Games. Unfortunately, not everything is going as planned. Sports Management Degree Hub has created an infographic entitled “Olympic Boondoggle” showing just how out of control Sochi’s spending has become.

The bill for the Winter Olympics in Russia is said to be the highest in history. According to the infographic, these games have proved to be the most expensive in the history, even surpassing 2008’s Summer Games in Beijing. What is more, the Games in Sochi cost $49 billion compared the humble $18 billion spent on the Athens’ Games in 2004.

As stated in the infographic, many observers blame the corruption for the tremendous expenditures. Moreover, the money being spent in Sochi not only is much more than what was spent in Beijing, but it is also being spent on fewer events.



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