3D printing has been here for a while now but still is a cutting-edge technology. Contributing to various industries and disrupting other technologies and fields, 3D printing is changing our lives and transforming our understanding of producing goods. This infographic is dedicated to 3D printing and especially to the basics.

A 3D printer deposits layers of a substance to build solid objects, unlike a conventional 2D ink-on-paper printer. A support material is printed alongside the model which can be removed by washing, dissolving or snapping off.

The infographic showcases the main brands by price including Object Connex 350, Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer, Formlabs Form-1, etc. You will read what the most common printing materials are.

But which industries 3D printing benefit? It should be mentioned food industry, machinery, automotive industry, dentistry, medical industry and much more.


Source: http://www.doranix.com/

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