Despite Thanksgiving presents a dichotomy: feeling and showing gratitude to others has proven benefits, but certain parts can be very stressful. The following infographic describes how to handle the situation and win at Thanksgiving.

According to this Thanksgiving infographic, among the benefits of gratitude are making you happier, increasing self-esteem and reducing negative social comparisons as well as increasing resilence to trauma. But what about the stress?

It is estimated that less than 40% of people experience a significant increase in stress during the holidays. What is more, Thanksgiving get-togethers can cause negative social comparisons, which lower self-esteem. Besides, more than the half of people say time constraints are the number 1 source of holiday stress.

You will also find a few tips how to be more successful and about gratitude. For example, try to present while eating and fully taste each bite (it will help you slow down and appreciate the flavor).\

Finally, the infographic provides useful stress reductions tips and suggestions so read on the full infographic below.


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