Buying an online business is a dream for a lot of students or professionals who have an entrepreneurial streak. Rather than take the risk of a traditional startup, these entrepreneurs look to acquire something that is already built and profitable.

Tech hotspots are springing up around universities, building strong entrepreneurial communities. But how can new college grads enter that arena? Many graduates create startups fresh out of school. Did you know there is a faster way to generate revenue in the tech world?

Purchasing established online businesses yields instant customers, revenue, and traffic – and huge earning potential. Let’s explore the correlation between tech schools and online entrepreneurship.

Hot spots are popping up around the country, attracting university students, business investors, and entrepreneurial activity.

Today’s tech entrepreneurs come from world-leading schools, and go on to create billions of dollars of market value for investors. But these universities aren’t just churning out entrepreneurs – they are churning out of the world’s top innovators.



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