Over the last years, piercings have taken a new turn in popularity and point where almost every adult has at least one piercing. Choosing out of the hundreds of different types of piercing could be very daunting. That is why if you are now considering getting your own body or face piercing take a look at the following piercing infographic. It shows the most popular piercing locations, complication statistics and also popularity by gender.

It is estimated that 72% of the pierced population are women nowadays. As for the people who have a body piercing other than earlobe only 10% of them are English.

According to the statistics, the most popular piercing locations are ear, nose and naval for women. When it comes to men, the 3 top piercing locations are the eyebrow, nipple, and ear.

The following piercing infographic provides piercing complication statistics as well. Fortunately, less than 1% required hospitalization. Besides, an interesting fact is that the record for most body piercing’s is held by Elaine Davidson of Scotland with the amazing 6005 piercings.


Source: http://piercingmodels.com/

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