This guide is the ultimate way to learn about pearl color. Read about all the variations and options available to you, in an easy to read chart.

The world of pearls is filled with color; from white, golden, pink, to back and almost every shade in between. There’s more to pearls than Grandma’s old white strand of pearls. While the use of treatments and dyes allow for any color in the rainbow, this chart will primarily deal with naturally occurring cultured pearl colors.

White pearls: considered classic and timeless due to their simple elegance. Next, Black Pearls: have a dark and exotic look that’s captivated the imagination of men and women for centuries and told wonderful tales of mythical lore and intrigue. Furthermore, Golden Pearls: Some of the largest and rarest golden cultured pearls in the world are the Golden South Sea Pearls Pink and Peach Pearls: pink to peach pearls that are naturally colored are cultured in the freshwater pearl mussel found aquaculture ponds in China.

Then, Lavender Pearls: naturally colored lavender freshwater pearls are found to be cultured similarly to pink and peach pearls, the larger pearl mussels are cared and bred in aquaculture ponds or lakes in China. Finally, Multicolor Pearls: absolutely exciting to admire, you’ll find the perfect mix of white, lavender and pink/peach pearls coming together to create perfection.


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